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How We Repurpose a YouTube Video (as a Podcast, Blog, & more)

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How We Repurpose a YouTube Video (as a Podcast, Blog, & more)

A Case Study

Like many businesses today, our branding/marketing agency uses the power of content marketing to demonstrate our expertise and add value to potential customers.

Inspired by Gary Keller's revolutionary philosophy of The One Thing, we asked ourselves, What is the one thing we can do in our marketing, such that by doing it everything else will become easier or unnecessary? For us, that answer was: video. That's because video content can be repurposed more than any other piece of content. For example, you can repurpose a YouTube video as a podcast, blog post, and additional micro-videos for social media!

Normally, repurposing content like this can take a lot of time and energy, but we have massively streamlined the process with Duplikit.

Repurposing a YouTube Video with Wavve

In this instance, we started by creating our staple piece of content, which is this 8-minute YouTube video you see here. This video contains a detailed introduction along with 3 main points on the topic of branding.

1. YouTube Video to Podcast

First, we converted our video to a podcast episode by extracting the video's audio file. Since our original video contains Call-to-Actions within the into and outro that are specific to YouTube, we were able to have these removed and replaced with a custom intro and outro for our Marketing Pro Tips podcast.

You can listen to the final podcast episode here.

2. YouTube Video to Blog Post

Next, we converted our YouTube video to a blog post. Wavve detects the speech any video and transcribes it into a blog-ready format, complete with formatted paragraphs and addition of SEO-useful elements such as H1/H2/H3 tags and meta data.

Not only were we able to repurpose this content for our blog, but also use it in an email marketing campaign.

You can view the full blog post here.

3. YouTube Video to 4 Square Videos

Probably our most successful platform for posting video content is on LinkedIn. While our full-length video works well on a platform like YouTube, we have found that shorter pieces of micro-content receive more engagement on the LinkedIn platform. So, what we did was cut our video into 4 different videos, with an introduction video as well as 3 videos to cover each of the 3 points.

We had these videos resized to 1:1 square because this tends attract more attention in the newsfeed by taking up the most "real estate." In addition, we know that 80% of people scrolling through LinkedIn (and similar social platforms) don't initially have their sound on. That's why we added a headline to the top border of the video, and captions at the bottom. A headline acts similar to the way a YouTube video's title does by drawing you in. The video captions serve the same purpose, as well as allow those with the volume muted to still enjoy the content.

You can view each of these four Micro-Videos over on LinkedIn:

To repurpose your YouTube videos like we do, be sure and check out Duplikit's different content feeds used here: