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‍Youtube is now the second largest search engine behind Google. Repurposing your podcasts into Youtube videos is an incredible way to reach a new audience and increase SEO for your show.

Duplikit combines your podcast audio with an image, text, and audio animations to create a new mp4 video file ready for social media sharing (including Youtube!).

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3-Day Turnaround
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Share your podcast RSS feed or link to a specific player of app along with an image and text. As long as the podcast can be downloaded with the link, Duplikit can handle it.

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Duplikit Converts Your Podcast Into a Video

Duplikit combines your audio file with an image, text, and audio animation to create an animated mp4 video file that pops on Youtube or social media.

Receive Your Video File with 3 Business Days

A human will review the output file so you can rest assured it's correct. You receive a final .mp4 file that is ready to be uploaded to Youtube or any social media platform.


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