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Convert Videos to Podcasts

‍If you are already putting the effort into creat high-quality video content, it's likely that your content could also live as a podcast and reach an even larger audience.

Duplikit automatically pull the audio tracks from your video and creates a high quality mp3 audio file that is ready for any podcast host.

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Share your video link from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Google Drive, or other Cloud Storage. As long as the video can be downloaded with the link, Duplikit can handle it.


Duplikit Converts Your Video Into a Podcast

Duplikit extracts the audio from your video and processes it for noise reduction and audio leveling. We can also trim and remove any content irrelevant to your podcast, and replace it with your podcast's intro and outro.

Receive Your Audio File within 3 Business Days

A human will review the output file so you can rest assured it's correct. You receive a final file audio file that is ready to upload to your podcast host provider.


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