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Turn your client's audio into revenue

White-labeled podcast editing, production and promotion for agencies

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Reliable & Remarkable

Duplikit is your agency’s trusted turnkey partner for all things audio.

We produce it, edit it, publish it, and remix it into eye-catching, ear-bending audio marketing content.

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Launch, produce, and edit your client’s podcasts without lifting a finger

Convert videos to podcasts and podcasts to videos to expand reach

Create searchable recorded content libraries from legacy content

Turn podcasts and videos into SEO Gold with transcription

Transform audio and video into attention-grabbing social media content

Bridge the geographical divide with language translation

Publish and distribute everywhere

Say yes to new revenue and increase client retention and lifetime value

Focus your team on its core capabilities

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In Case You're Wondering

We usually start with an intro call to make sure we’re a good fit and discuss your needs. From there we’ll outline the engagement, pair you with a producer, and set expectations for timing and production schedules.

Most individual content remixing and podcast editing projects get turned around in two business days. For catch up projects or legacy content, we’ll provide a timeline for completion.

If you need/want help selling audio marketing and production services, we’re here to help hop on a call or price an engagement. Just let us know how we can support you.

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Multi Format Content Matters

Nineteen percent of Super Listeners say they discover podcasts most often through YouTube, ahead of recommendations from friends and family (17%) and searching the internet (13%)

~ Edison Research


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